Let's count chickpeas !
Counting chickpeas before putting them in the cooking pot is a good way to learn how to add and subtract. Chickpeas can also be used for multiplication and division. How many will I have altogether if I put these three in one hand with these four in the other? And if I take away two from those seven, how many will I have left? And if we make several groups with the same number, we're multiplying. If we split up a group into equal shares, that's a division... It's a good way of learning about counting and looking after things.
We want to say how grateful we are to all you friends of our Home, the "Resi", for having decided to subtract a little part of your resources and give them to be added to our Home's. With your help we can maintain the foster service offered by our Children's Home. The expenses we have to meet day by day, and month by month, are being covered.
Thanks to all your help...
we have chickpeas to put in the pot!
Prayer topic
*** We ask that God will help us to fully complete the recovery of our Home's finances, to guarantee that we can continue to offer assistance to the children and their families.

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Letter to Churches
January 2018


Dear Friends of our Emmanuel Children's Home,

As we start the new year we want to say a big thank-you for the tremendous response shown by many churches, organisations and families to the cry for help which we sent out in December, to alleviate the alarming financial situation of our Children's Home. To avoid the possible closure of our Home we asked for your assistance, particularly in the form of regular MONTHLY DONATIONS. Why? Because that is the best way you can help us to organise our priorities and budget on an annual basis. We need to demonstrate stability both to the families we provide assistance to and to the government organisations that supervise us.

So, what's the financial situation of our Home, the R.I.E., after the donations received over the Christmas period? We can give you a fair idea with this simple THREEFOLD THANK-YOU:

(1) Thank you for your MONTHLY DONATION COMMITMENTS (35%)

Regular monthly support has increased somewhat over the last few weeks. In January 2018, regularly monthly giving commitments were enough to cover an average of about 35% of our needs.

(2) Thank you for your ONE-OFF DONATIONS (50%)

This is where we have had the best response. With all the recent donations we are able to cover our financial needs for several months. Exactly what percentage of our monthly cost are covered by this sporadic or non-regular support? About 50% of our needs, but with no assurance that the support will continue, of course.

With 35% stable funding and 50% uncertain, what about the remaining 15%? Well, we can call that extraordinary of special support.

(3) Thank you for your SPECIAL SUPPORT (15%)

This support is special because it comes from the extraordinary efforts of certain special contributors. They can't always be on hand, but they are the ones who can sometimes make up the shortfall and help balance our budget. Our hope is that this part will eventually be covered by donations from organisations which are not yet supporting us but which have indicated their willingness to do so in the near future. We need you, and thank you in advance for your help.

To sum up, after the S.O.S. we sent out at the beginning of December we can say that, thanks to the efforts of many, our Emmanuel Children's Home will continue to operate. Although we still need to increase the monthly donation commitments to avoid uncertainty, there has been a good response to our need. At least temporarily, the situation has improved. So, our very sincere THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. Every donation is important, whether it's a regular monthly one or just a one-off contribution. And it doesn't matter whether it's small or large - if every organisation or family chips in, the overall amount is what counts. So thank you everybody for your love and solidarity.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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