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The Emmanuel Children's Residence began to exist in 1967 as an initiative approved by a group of evangelical Christian women from Catalonia and Spain, and which became a reality in January 1969. Since then and up to the present, many people have worked in this service of welcoming the that many children have benefited.

The main reason of the Family Home is to favor the integral development of the children we serve, indirectly helping their families to re-establish adverse situations in order that each child can return to their home.

Kids in the RIE

These are children who share our day to day


Future singer?

I was born in Catalonia. My family is from Equatorial Guinea. I like music.


Future astronaut?

I was born in Catalonia. My family is from Bolívia. I like rockets.


Future forest ranger?

I was born in Catalonia. I like animals and I'd like to be a forest ranger.


Future doctor?

I was born in Catalonia. My family is from Bolivia. I like medicine.


Future biologist?

I was born in Catalonia and my family is from Bolivia. I like anime art and scientific research.


A future fireman?

I was born in Morocco. My family’s from Barcelona. I’d like to be a fireman or a policeman.


Future filmmaker?

I was born in Bolivia, where my family is from. I like fashion and cinema.

Music Pro RIE

In the Canta y Ríe Collection, great singers and children from many places participate to support our Children's Home

Published / November 2015

El Show de Canta y RIE

DVD musical 11 songs
Published / December 2014


CD Musical 13 songs
Published / December 2011

La Salvación Llegó

CD Musical 13 songs
Published / November 2009

Canta y RIE en Navidad

CD Musical 12 songs
Published / November 2007

Canta y RIE

CD Musical 12 songs


The three Educators of the Children's Home work so that all the needs of the children are covered



I'm Mariona, I'm Catalan and my favorite hobbies are scrapbook, crochet and photography.



I'm Carme, I am Asturian and my favorite hobbies are the experimentation / culinary tasting, and the economic, political and social news.



I'm Alex, I'm Catalan and my favorite hobbies are music and Bible research.


All help counts. You can help occasionally or direct your contribution according to your preferences.
For special donations, contact us directly.

Bank Account: ES61 2100 9250 6922 0011 8569
BIC code for foreign donations: CAIXESBBXXX
Account owner: Residencia Infantil Emmanuel

662 04 23 55


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