Care team
The Team of Carers
The carers at our Home strive to meet all the children’s needs satisfactorily, both directly, as they work with them, and indirectly, by co-ordinating a whole team of specialized volunteers who provide support for the youngsters or for our organisation.
Under this care arrangement, the team follows the principles and aims described in the Home’s “Proyecto educativo” (Care Project), applying them both in a general way to all the youngsters, and in specific ways, taking into account the different needs of each child.
Good co-ordination is particularly important with all the following groups: the children’s biological families, the foster families, the teachers at the local primary and secondary schools, the paediatricians and medical specialists at the local doctor’s surgery, health centres and hospitals, and Sant Just Desvern Town Council for relevant administrative matters.

Photo: May 2014
In this photo, the three educators with one of the older girls.
Mariona Cardona has considerable experience working with children. In particular, as a child social worker, here at the Home she co-ordinates educational matters for the different children and teenagers, monitoring their progress and keeping in contact with the primary and secondary school teachers and the volunteers who provide extra tuition or help with home-work. She also co-ordinates the children’s health care with doctors at the local medical centres.
Her responsible day-to-day care efforts with the children and her affectionate nature means that they all like and respect her very much.
Mariona is a member of “Bona Nova” Evangelical Baptist Church in Barcelona, where, for many years, she has been a Sunday School teacher, as well as serving in other ways. From this environment she decided to join the service to the children that she develops in our Residence.
The resident married couple
Alex Sánchez and Carmen Collía are the married couple living in the home with the children. They are both delighted with the day-to-day experience of living with the children during the week in term time as a big family. They belong to the Evangelical Church in Trèvol street of Barcelona.
Carmen is the general housekeeper, co-ordinating the numerous and wide-ranging matters relating to the running of the house. She is involved with and oversees the basic needs like food, linen, clothing, footwear, toiletries and cleaning products, and co-ordinates the purchases or donations of all these different items.
She has outstanding organisational capacities. She manages to ensure that all our needs are well met while keeping a close check on our finances, which is a very useful skill.
Although Carmen has a strong personality and a very conscientious attitude, she is also affectionate with the children. They respect her a lot. This combination of rectitude and kindness is a great example to the children in their psychological and ethical development. Empathy combined with orderliness provides positive authority, helping to promote an atmosphere of stability and trust.
All the children know that Carmen and Mariona are not their mothers, but that they love all of them very much.
Alex is the male role-model in the care effort with the children, a very important task in the group. He teaches values on a day to day basis through games, conversations, songs, etc. The contribution of a male authority figure who loves the children and is involved with them in a constructive and affectionate way inspires their confidence and provides balance.
He is the team member who has most contact with the biological families and deals with the arrangements which our centre makes to provide indirect support to parents. He is also deals with all the paperwork for the running of our Home (official papers, maintenance, liaising with the Board of Governors, etc).
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