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April 2014
Learning by playing
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     Playing games is not just for enjoyment. In addition, we learn how to face some of lifeís realities, by keeping the rules of the game. We have to make decisions, go for the best, or the safest, or the most advantageous, option. We learn how to get along peacefully with those around us, by showing everybody respect, not cheating and enjoying seeing how everybody plays their options.

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       We have to learn to show patience until itís our turn. And when it is, to not take too long over it. We accept that sometimes we end up benefiting from what happens, but that sometimes we are put at a disadvantage. We see people doing better than us. And others that do worse. Everybody has to accept the counters or cards they are given. And the more you play, the more you learn and the more you can enjoy it. Many situations in life must be faced in a similar way. Except that life isnít a game.

     Do you know how you can always win? By believing that winning means, above all else, having a good time together, laughing, getting to know each other better, and valuing one another. That way weíre all winners.

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  RIE,  a  home  for  children  where  they  can  feel  like  family  

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