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January 2014
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     Each individual is different. Each race, each sex, each age, each personality, each culture, each nationality is different. Many of the people close to us are amazingly different to us. Those differences are real and they are good, not just for being there, but also because they are enriching. They bring added value. They teach us to respect the dignity of those who are not like us. Neither inferior nor superior. Just different. Do I personally admire such people, or are they a nuisance?

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       We all tend to get stuck in our comfort zone. And we are self-centered too. We prefer to avoid anything different, because it can seem weird, worrying even. The unknown generates suspicion. It means forgetting about familiar things. We prefer anything alien to stay at a distance. Anything new can feel like an intrusion and anything foreign can seem a threat. But if anything different is taken to be uncertain, alien, weird, uncomfortable, suspicious, complicated, a threat… then we have fallen into the trap of thinking that what is different is inferior! Or what is worse, that what is different is bad in itself. And we’d rather that bad things, or inferior things, didn’t exist, or at least that they didn’t impinge on our comfortable self-centered environment. How do I, personally, view people different to me?

     Here, we live as a family, and aim to get along together as a family. Here, being different means being just as important as everybody else. In a family, there are no second class citizens. Nor any superior citizens with the right to look down on the rest of us. Being part of a minority or being unusual is OK. Every person has their dignity and is of unique value. In our family, the only ones who truly end up being strange and rejectable are those who don’t respect others, on the pretext of them being different. In the end, the only undesirables are those who look down on others and mock the idea of living together in harmony.

     The society we live in, its politicians, lobbies, entrenched interests, spin doctors, the mass media... poison people’s minds. Their disrespect and abuse of minority groups appeal to many. They sell it as normal, and take advantage of it. Looking down on those who are different from the powerful majority becomes a popular pastime. But that is not so in our Home. Here, we refuse to accept the error of despising someone for being different. We love those who are unusual as if we were them. We show respect and look for respect in return. We even respect those who are just beginning to learn how to respect others. Our family atmosphere must be maintained. Join the family!

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