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June 2013
A long way away
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     Over the last five years we had got used to celebrating her birthday at the RIE, all together, every June. This year, her birthday falls while she is a long way away, some 3,000 kilometres (2,000 miles). We said goodbye to her and her parents a year ago. We are delighted to hear good news about all three.

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       The start of this school year is also now a long way away. It might seem like yesterday, but it’s actually nine months ago. The initial challenges and projects, both for individuals and for the group as a whole, are now producing results and making sense. They have been worked at from month to month and now, as we come to the end of the school year, we can assess them satisfactorily.

     In terms of both time and space, it’s true that things end up a long way away. But that shouldn’t upset us too much. By no means. That “right here and now” which was so much fun at the time, is gone. But it was a good future investment for the present time. And today, the inevitable distance and sense of longing are assuaged by the satisfaction of knowing that the present is better thanks to a well-lived past.

     So we’re pleased to come to the end of term. And we are delighted to see this photo of one of our former charges by the Black Sea, with a candy stick labelled in the Slavonic alphabet, taller and prettier every day. Don’t forget your Catalan or your Spanish! From a long way away, we wish all three of you a happy present, from the bottom of our hearts.

     The start of the next school year in September is still a long way away. But watch out! Time passes very quickly. We wish you all, near and far… a very happy summer!!!

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