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March 2013
Like breathing
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     We need to breathe. We can’t ever stop doing it. Our life depends on it. The air quality may be better or worse, but we have to breathe it. If an accident or illness makes us short of breath, we’ll need an oxygen mask... Breathing is essential, irreplaceable.

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       In the same way, paternal and maternal role models are vital for children. Every child needs them as a frame of reference and he or she will assimilate them, whatever the quality or quantity. It’s an essential need. Like breathing. Good mental health, emotional stability and general development depend on this life-giving influence.

     Parents are the ones who transmit values to enable their children to develop their personality correctly. They provide a reference point, love, commitment, company, protection, support, affirmation, safety, opportunities… Values don’t depend on financial abundance or scarcity, health or frailty, a high or low level of education… What’s important is that parents actively and proactively empathise with their children so that good values can rub off on them.

     However, if there is a pattern of male chauvinism, the maternal role will be a servile one; if one of female dominance, the paternal role will be an adolescent one. There will be a lack of coherence and wisdom. Children breathing that sort of atmosphere and trying to build their lives become bewildered, and look for other role models and experiences when they feel “short of breath”.

     In the photo, the well-known Brazilian footballer Adriano Correia, a great sportsman, good husband and fine father of two children, playing and joking with one of our boys.

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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