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February 2013
Video – A day at the RIE
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     Carmen: “Good morning! Come on in! I’m preparing the children’s school bags…” (7.00 am – today we’re spending a day at the RIE). The children get up, get washed and have breakfast. We have a time for singing, learning good values and sorting out the day. And then… Everybody off to school!

<<<                                                        Video filmed in November 2012                                                   >>>

       “After the children have gone to school, there comes the second stage at our Home: the daily chores. It’s time to clean the kitchen, prepare lunch, wash clothes, iron… So, let’s get going! The washing machine and tumble drier get constant use – we have some very tiny children, others doing extra-curricular activities, there’s sports clothing, swimming gear. These appliances are essential here.

     Mariona: "I’m child-social-worker at the RIE. The Children’s Home’s project is to work with children aged 3 to 18. For various reasons they are not able to live with their families. They live here temporarily, from Monday to Friday, while their families are sorting out their problems. I deal with educational matters, schooling, medical needs and monitoring each child taking into account their difficulties and their circumstances.”

     “Some children come here with learning difficulties, habits that need correcting… We work to enable each child to progress from whatever their starting point is. Some have an adapted school curriculum. Many receive extra tuition here at the Home. I also coordinate the team of volunteers who help with these areas and with recreational activities.”

     Alex: “During the day, the care team does all the work necessitated by us being not just a very large family, but also a children’s home: we visit organisations, collect donations, draw up reports on the computer, keep the web page up to date, answer the emails, and so on. Sometimes we have to take a child to the doctor’s. Now, for example, I need to go to the Town Hall, to register children as resident here, so they have a school place, and do other paperwork.”

     What’s left to do as the afternoon ends and evening comes? Homework, games, tidying up, putting pyjamas on, supper, and… bed time. This is a normal day at our Children’s Home. Thank you for visiting !

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