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December 2012
Deciding to crouch down
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     To talk to children about something important, it’s good if we crouch down and put ourselves at their level. This is a simple but important rule for teaching purposes. Little children need us to bend our knees, leave our lofty domain and try to look them in the eyes, make contact and establish trust on a one-to-one basis.

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       Things will work out very differently if we aim our adult words at them “from above”, without them being able to see our facial expression or being able to compare our tone of voice with the look in our eyes. That, plus the oversight role we have anyway, will make it all seem even further removed. However hard they try, it will be difficult for them to accept our message.

     By lowering ourselves, we show that, even though they may be tiny, they’re important to us. They mean enough for us to descend to their level. By “visiting” their level, we make them feel important…, worth a “visit”! They will see us as approachable people. Our help will be more effective. This is the key: our decision to crouch down.

     This is exactly what our Creator did with us at that first Christmas. He knew the importance of “crouching down” at our level. God became man. Merry Christmas!

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