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November 2012
Where are they taking us?
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     This is what our children ask themselves when we pile them into our van: “Where are they taking us?” Sometimes we’re just giving them a lift to school because it’s raining hard. And in the pre-Christmas period there are one or two evenings with special activities. If it’s really cold, we joke and ask them if they’d like to go to the beach for a swim. “Ooh! No way! It’s freezing!”

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       As adults we also ask ourselves “Where are they taking us?”. We’re stuck in a strange vehicle called recession. In the Catalan parliamentary elections this month, our politicians have asked us what beach we want to go to, or what beach we want to stay on… Even though they are all promising us solutions, we know that, wherever they end up taking us, we’re going to feel the chill, in this freezing economic climate.

     Whatever setbacks we encounter, we will carry on emphasising our unchanging values of LOVE and TRUTH. Just like hydrogen and oxygen mixed together make water (H2O), these two values, well mixed, underpin all the help we aim to provide to the children and their families.

     Where are we taking our children? With this simple “recipe”, living out the truth in love, and with your valuable help, we aim to bring them a better present and a brighter future. Do you want to come on board?

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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