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May 2012
The "Peeling Onions" game
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     In Spain there is a well-known children’s game called “Peeling Onions”, which you can see in the photo: the children sit on the floor in a row, one behind the other, each holding on tightly to the one in front, and they try to avoid being “peeled away” from the group. It’s a game which our children enjoy a lot, as you can see.

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       But this game brings to mind what the current economic crisis is doing to some of our children’s families. Their inability to find work and all their financial difficulties are “peeling them away” from our country. Spanish families are considering moving overseas as a solution; immigrant families are being forced to return to their home countries.

     The Peeling Onions game has rules, which should be kept – when you pull someone away, you’re not allowed to pinch them, tickle them or twist their arms. Otherwise, the game becomes a torture. Sadly, those who set the rules for the economic crisis seem willing to let those most in need suffer real hardship.

     For our part, whilst each child is with us, we try to “peel away” lots of smiles and even a few fits of laughter from time to time. Our aim is for them to return to their families when their parents have improved their circumstances. But the sad fact is that some goodbyes will happen because whole families will be pulled away from the Home’s influence, for reasons that neither they nor we would have wished for.

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