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April 2012
The solution or the problem?
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     In whatever of lifeís circumstances you find yourself in, there is no middle ground - either youíre part of the solution or youíre part of the problem. Each one of us, through our attitude and the decisions we make, improves or worsens his or her situation, relationships, surroundings, inner lifeÖ

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       Our new 11-year-old friend who came to the RIE in January left last month. We have barely had two months with her, to help her improve her studies and a few habits and values. But we are pleased that in these few weeks we have been able to bring solutions to her life and that of her family.

     Children really DONíT understand clearly the crises and problems adults face. They donít understand them, but they suffer from them. They only understand that they need affection and order, attention and discipline, protection and stability. When they notice these things, they grow up in spite of all lifeís inevitable difficulties.

     We would love to be able to help the mothers and fathers of the children in our care more and better. Very often it is beyond our power or our abilities. At least it consoles us to think that we are part of their solutions and not their problems, by looking after their children in a reasonable and holistic way. And sometimes, even, with an extra surprise, like this big chocolate figure, which has brightened up several desserts...      And you? Are you part of the solution?

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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