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March 2012
Annual General Meeting
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     In this month of March we have held the Annual General Meeting for Members of the Emmanuel Children’s Home Association. As usual, various reports were presented: by the Chair, on the accounts, by the Care Team, and so on, and the annual budget was discussed and approved.

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       The Chair, Ms Fina Grau, on behalf of the Board of Governors, delivered a brief but heartfelt tribute to Ms María Angurell, cofounder of the Home over 40 years ago, who passed away during the Christmas period, and expressed our sincere thanks to Ms Mari Carmen Muñoz, who has decided to stand down as a Board member, because of her age and state of health.

     In the General Meeting, two new Board members were approved, to strengthen the role of the governing body. Our thanks and welcome go to Mr Agustí Rodès, a writer, who joins as an ordinary Board member, and Mr Joan Martínez, the Pastor of the Church located in Pg. Gaiolà in Barcelona, who will take on the role of Treasurer. In the photo, Agustí and Joan, at the end of the General Meeting.

     The Board of Governors will be grateful for whatever help our members, friends and supporters can provide, whether in the form of professional services or any kind of volunteer help, particularly in matters relating to seeking financial support, legal advice, complementary social service resources, etc. The doors are open for more members to join the Board of Governors as they oversee the social service we provide for the children. Thank you to all of you.

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  RIE,  a  home  for  children  where  they  can  feel  like  family  

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