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February 2012
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     Metamorphosis is a profound transformation which turns a crawling caterpillar into a flying butterfly. En the photo, some of our children are wearing this fancy dress costume at a birthday party celebrated this week.

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       Our society in general undergoes transformations. With the current economic crisis, our closest personal environment is suffering big changes, and not for the better. They are family and personal transformations more reminiscent of Kafka’s metamorphosis, or even that of Apuleius.

     Some of the parents of our children, after years of trying to improve their lives, are getting into very dire straits through lack of jobs, housing, food, health, hope and a future. The help we provide their children is good, but insufficient. That’s why, after this metamorphosis, they will need to fly, to go back to their home countries – that’s if they can travel.

     Even so, here we are fighting against time in our efforts to help the children in another metamorphosis: an educational and moral one. At the same time as we are meeting their basic needs, we also aim to build them up so that in the future they will be able to fly over challenges and obstacles with dignity, self-control, hard work and patience. But even so, will our help be sufficient?

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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