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October 2011
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     What is "synergy"? It is the result of teamwork, of the joint action by two or more causes. It is a result characterised by having an effect that is much better and larger than simply the sum of each cause’s individual effect.

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       We often see the phenomenon of “synergy” in everyday life: the ingredients of a good paella improve when mixed together, the teamwork of football superstars is what brings them success… (would the new music CD in our “Canta y Ríe” collection, to be released before Christmas, be so fantastic if it wasn’t for the wonderful teamwork and selfless efforts of so many people?).

     Several synergies are essential for the RIE Children’s Home. The carers have to work as a team. The children must live together in harmony (in the photo one of our oldest charges with the youngest). The team of volunteers is necessary to complete our work. The Chair and Board have important governance roles. And biological and foster families have an important part to play. Those who offer financial support provide fuel to keep the machinery in operation. And each area of the RIE then provides further input to create an effective family atmosphere for the children.

     Marcos Vidal, in one of his songs, describes how a great circus had to close down because the main clown didn’t accept his role as the laughing stock for the group and ended up in a wheelchair after trying to do balancing act. We hope you know that you are an important ingredient in “our paella”. But if you stop helping because “you’re only rice” and not “a prawn”, maybe we’ll end up with no paella !!!

     Every little individual contribution to the work of the “Resi” provides a boost to everybody else’s efforts to help the children in our care. Thank you for feeding the synergies which constitute the wonderful work which is the RIE.  The show must go on at the circus!

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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  RIE,  a  home  for  children  where  they  can  feel  like  family  

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