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September 2011
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     Below you can read the full script of the short film entitled “Capicúa” (Catalan for “Palindrome”, a word or phrase that can be read the same way in either direction). You can also see and hear this award winning film, by Roger Villarroya, here (soundtrack in Spanish with subtitles in English). It is an original viewpoint, full of wisdom, which, when you see the images and understand the title, is very thought provoking... Oh, and you’ll appreciate the film in all its intensity if you watch it for a second time!

It’s a vocational work. You have to have a lot of patience (personally, a lot of discipline). You have to be perseverant. And sometimes it can even be quite fun. The first days when they arrive here, we have to give them a little security, so that they can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

<<<                                                                                                                                                           >>>

       There are some who can do everything; and some who, depending on their age, can’t do it and we have to help them. So..., those who can do things..., you have to try to get them to do things on their own. And if then you see that they can’t, you try to help them. For example, eating – sometimes you have to help them. You have to change their diapers, when they do their business. And then sometimes they get nostalgic, about being in their own home, and we have to calm them down a bit.

     Clearly as always, every day they bring you something new: a smile, a look... Every day you have new things. Normally there are a few that need your attention all day. So what they do is throw a tantrum. If you are not there for them, they spend the entire day crying. And with this tantrum, in a certain way, they’re telling you, without saying it, that they don’t want to be here.

     The goodbye is normally very sad. They’re moving on to another chapter. But for us, since we’ve had them for a long time..., emotionally this affects us. It is a hard job sometimes. In a certain way it is gratifying. It is an adventure to work with kids, every day is different.

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