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March 2011
General Assembly of the Association
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     Every year, round about this time, the Annual General Assembly of the Emmanuel Children’s Home Association is held. The Association’s Board of Governors sends a letter of invitation to all members to come and hear the various reports on the social work carried out by our organisation.

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       As well as the general report by the Chair, there are also reports from the Secretary and Treasurer, and the budget for the following year is presented and, if acceptable, approved. The meeting also includes a report from the care team who look after the children and time at the end for requests and queries from the floor.

     Being a member of the RIE Association is a good way of supporting our work. Financially it only implies a symbolic yearly quota of 12 Euros. In the general assembly meetings, every member is entitled to receive information on the Home’s current state of affairs and to participate and offer comments and ideas, which can be very useful for the smooth running of the organisation. And all members, if they so wish, are entitled to put themselves forward to be elected to the Board of Governors, to contribute to their important work as a Member, or as Treasurer, Chair or Deputy Chair. Are you already a member of the Association? Why not consider it!

     In the photo we see various members of the Board of Governors as they prepare for this year’s General Meeting. At the table, Fina Grau (Chair), and Antoni Carbó (Secretary). On the left, in the foreground, Maria Angurell, one of the wonderful founder members of the RIE (Board Member) sitting next to Paquita Isiegas (Deputy Chair). On the far left, Francesc Soria, a great friend of our Children’s Home, who for many years has been in charge of the accounts. Our thanks to all the Board for their dedicated service.

    Our photo of the month is a brief message to convey information and our thanks to all those who support and share in the work of our children's home. Thank you.   -Emmanuel Children's Home-
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  RIE,  a  home  for  children  where  they  can  feel  like  family  

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