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February 2011
Artificial sweeteners
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     We use artificial sweeteners and colourings to hide the bad taste or appearance of food or medicine. When we have to swallow something which we don't like in its normal form, these compounds help us avoid the reality of nature and make us think that bitter is sweet and pale is colourful. And if we want to overeat, these modern formulae help to spoil our taste buds and compensate for our excesses. And they provide a metaphor for life in general.

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       As adults, young people and children, our lives are full of very unpleasant problems and obstacles, unfairness and collateral damage, which we have to face up to in the best possible way, if we want to be a force for good. When things are lacking or out of balance in family life, in care and education, in habits, hygiene and relationships, in human and spiritual values, how do we “swallow the bitter pill”? And, even more difficult, how does a child or teenager cope with a “nasty taste in the mouth”?

     It's easy to try and avoid reality and dive head first into leisure activities. All of us, both adults and children, are prone to sweetening and covering up life's dramas with hobbies or by switching off in front of a computer screen or digibox, taking pleasure in sporting heroes or Hollywood heartthrobs... But problems are solved by taking time to face reality, by paying attention to people who are being forgotten, giving kindness to those needing help, and clarity to those who are confused. And if all that doesn't completely solve things, at least it can make them more bearable.

     Those of us who are here at the RIE Children's Home this year want to be able to “eat our way through” our challenges without deceiving ourselves, with patience and hope. Thank you for helping us as we face our reality.

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