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November 2010
A special visit from Juan José Cortés
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     This month we have been very privileged to have a special visit, that of Juan José Cortés, whose personal tragedy (his daughter was abducted and killed by a man who would have been in prison if the authorities hadn’t bungled the paperwork) catapulted him to fame here in Spain. “Citizen Cortés” (“Ciudadano Cortés”) is the title of his book and his future Foundation for children’s rights. He was on his way from Seville to Italy to give some talks for the NGO Compassion, but asked to stop by for a few hours because he wanted to visit and get to know us personally in Barcelona. And we were delighted to meet him too.

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       We already knew a bit about his life: he is an Evangelical pastor, the father of Mari Luz, someone famous... But, thanks to his visit, all of us here, children and staff, have learned more of his vision and his dreams: How he enjoys being a football coach. That two of his sons play football with the juvenile team of a famous Andalusian club. How he’s proud to be a Gipsy and stand up for his people. How he liked our lentils. How he didn’t mind walking to school with us, even though people in the street stopped him to say hello. How he would like to achieve important changes to benefit Spanish society...

     We are grateful to Juan José Cortés for committing his life to helping children and for his words of recognition and support for our Children’s Home. And we particularly thank him for using his tragedy to bring happiness to many children and their families, by striving for their protection.

     Whether it be through political parties or church services, thank you for being a Christian who, as Jesus taught, knows how to “give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s”, for the benefit of the society we live in. We humbly offer you our support to that end.

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