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April 2009
Learning to say goodbye
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     Life is full of endings. And we all need to learn to say goodbye. Not in the sense of pronouncing it well, but in the sense of learning to get on without someone important to us, balancing heart and mind as we adapt to a new reality. Farewells always have two drawbacks: (1) they are inevitable and (2) they are difficult. But they have good points, too: they help us to mature and, if we can take a balanced approach to them, they are easier to bear.

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     The family atmosphere we enjoy here in the children's home brings us closer together when we are faced with an inevitable and difficult goodbye. Soon we must say farewell to a family member of two of our children. According to the doctors, he only has a short time to live. Other children have had to face the same circumstances. It is vital to be able to manage our thoughts and emotions, not repressing them but not letting them run wild, as we learn to say goodbye.

     The children also face other goodbyes and changes from time to time. Saying goodbye to their home country or town, to relatives and friends. Sometimes it's because parents split up. Sometimes it's saying farewell to school friends who leave. And one day they will have to say farewell to our children's home, the "Resi". It's good to know how to say goodbye, and face reality, each in our own way and according to our age, as we find the strength to do so.
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