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December 2008
Watch out for "Father Christmas"... !!!
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     We are living through an economic crisis. Perhaps this Christmas "The Three Wise Men" (who in Spain are the "Three Kings" who traditionally bring presents, just as they brought gifts to the infant Jesus) will not be able to visit every home. Maybe we won't have such fine food on our tables. And watch out for Father Christmas, let's hope we don't catch him at the dead of night pinching our Christmas food instead of bringing us presents!!! Crisis, indeed!

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     Let's be thankful that the best presents are not at risk because of the crisis. Gifts such as having a place to call home, maybe only with the basics, but with love and warmth and stability. Or the gift of seeing family we've not seen for a long time. Or the gift of not being lonely because new faces have taken the place of those who are not with us. These are great treasures, much more important than what we imagine, even if they don't come gift wrapped. Or maybe just the gift of some new trainers, or a decent umbrella...

     At the "Resi" during these December weeks we have had plenty of visits full of friendship and good humour. We have sung carols accompanied by the piano or guitar. Together we have been reminded of the true meaning of the first Christmas. In the photo is Miquel Frattarola ("Fratta Christmas"), one of our most enthusiastic helpers, at one of our festive gatherings, here at the Children's Home in the build up to Christmas.

     We wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year 2009 full of lots of good things !!!
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