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September 2008
Surprises... though not unexpected
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     Every time we start a new academic year it begins full of surprises. In the "Resi", over the years, we have had so many that, in fact, you could say we see them coming. All the same, surprises are still surprises, even when you're half expecting them.

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     The return from vacation comes with many stories to tell, both good and bad experiences which have occurred during the long summer weeks. We are grateful to God that all our girls and boys have returned safely.

     Another "routine surpise" is to see the huge leap forwards which some preadolescents make when they leave the cocoon of primary school and plunge into that strange new world of secondary education at the "Instituto", where the atmosphere is so diferent.

     But in the "Resi", the biggest surprise, however much it has been planned for, happens when a new child comes to stay at our family home. All these changes represent a significant challenge for all of us, both children and carers. We count on your support to help us meet that challenge. Your help is another wonderful surprise..., even if we've come to expect it!
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