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November 2007

New musical CD "CANTA y RÍE"
("CANTA y RÍE" means "SING and SMILE",
RIE being the initials in Spanish for the Emmanuel Children's Home)
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     "Hey, do you need any singing teachers? What about us!!! We have more than four years experience "making ourselves heard and sending out good vibrations"... And what's more, we have just recorded our first album, with a whole load of friends and several well known Christian artists like Marcos Vidal, Francesca Patiño, Anna Cano, Éisac and Roberto Allegue (of +Qvoz), Sylvia Santoro, Samuel Palacios ...

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"Let's see the picture of the month... They say that a picture says more than a thousand words... I wish school books were all pictures and photo's"
     The recording company DvMusic has kindly offered to release the "Canta y Ríe" CD with two basic aims:

(1) all profits will be for the Emmanuel Home and (2) evangelical organisations and churches that support our organisation will have more children's songs at their disposal, lively songs that explain the basics of the gospel in a simple and attractive manner.

     Our thanks go to all those who have voluntarily contributed to this recording, particularly to the children of various choir groups for all their effort - it may have been fun but it was also hard work. And thank you also to all of you who will support the work of the Emmanuel Home by purchasing, listening to and making a present of this music.
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Sing and smile !

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