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May 2007

Encouraging visits
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     Our favourite gospel singer, Francesca (Paquita) Patiño, visited us with her family: Gheorghe, Samuel and Dana. We played games together, had our evening meal and spent time chattinglistening Paquita to sing and singing along with her. In the photo you can see the Simedroni-Patiño family with us in the "Resi".


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"Let's see the picture of the month... They say that a picture says more than a thousand words... I wish school books were all pictures and photo's"

     We have had other memorable visits, including one from Eduardo who, with Edmílson as a VIP translator, gave a remarkable account of his own life story as a street kid in Brasil, destitute, a drug addict and dealer, and how he was rescued from that pitiful existence through his faith in Christ.

     And other friends have invited us recently to their homes (for example, Mr. Jordi Bach, from Tolrá church, or the soccer player Deco), to share their hospitality with us. Your friendship helps us to feel important.

     It's good to know that all our friends, as well as being voices over the phone, lines of text in line in e-mails and chats, and pictures or videoclips on a computer screen, are real living friends, and we very much enjoy and appreciate your visits.

     And have you visited us?
Please feel welcome to do so !!!   But don't all come at once, OK ... ?

Click here to go to Francesca Patiño's web page.
And click here to listen to her latest video clip.

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