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     Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)

     A home for children where they can
feel like family

     Telef.:    933  722  054


A commission of different Evangelical Churches from Switzerland organized a camp of more than 600 young people in Cambrils, Tarragona. A small group of 10 of them made up of both Christians and non-Christians, wanted to add to their trip by helping out with the "Resi" one morning performing several supporting chores: cleaning, painting, organizing shelving, etc.

We would like to thank each and every one of them: Debi, Dona, Hanna, Jessica, Katrin, Michelle, Noémie, Simon, Sonja and Tabea. A very big thank you for their effort and help!

Photos: October 2006


Debi and Michelle painting the patio stairs.


Tabea helps
in the play area
for the children.





Hanna and Jessica leave the toilets super shiny.


Noémie, finishes
the job leaving
everything like new.


Katrin and Dona
organize the clothes
in the children's closets.


Simon and Sonja
organize and clean
every corner
of the office.

  RIE,  a  home  for  children  where  they  can  feel  like  family

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